1. Draw Floorplan 

Measure the length and width of the room and draw the floorplan on graph paper, each square is equal to one foot. Include every wall, window, door and elements such as fireplaces or built in millwork. Jot down exact dimensions for each. 

2. Take Measurements

Transfer measurements onto the floorplan. Draw any wall elevations that include windows, fireplaces, built in millwork or other element that will be part of the design. Show dimensions of the windows, show floor-window sill, window height and window header-ceiling. Also show wall base, window trim and crown molding heights. Show heights of fireplace mantles and mill-work, as needed. Show locations of power outlets, light switches, thermostats and vents.

3. Take Pictures

With a digital camera, take a photo of each wall (take multiple photos if you are unable to get the entire wall in one photo). Then take photos of the ceiling and floor. Make sure to get clear, close-up photos of any elements that will be incorporated into the design, such as light fixtures, flooring, wood finishes, furniture, fabrics, artwork, etc. Take a picture of the exterior of your home to show the architectural style and any rooms adjacent to the rooms being designed.

4. Look for inspiration

Tear pictures out of magazines, take a picture of a room you like or find pictures online and send them in. Tell what you like and what you don't... is it the color scheme, furniture style, piece of artwork or fabric? You can also send pictures of furniture pieces or accessories that you like. The more you can express your personal style, the better I can make the space a reflection of you!

E-mail the above 4 steps to

5. Fill out the questionnaire