About Interior Design Online

Since traditional interior design services include hours of meetings, picture taking, measurements and shopping, most of these design fees are eliminated by communicating through e-mail with Interior Design Online. You provide the information necessary for the design process to start and precede with execution based on the design package you are sent. 

With design online projects, the design is created based on photos, measurements and the questionnaire that you complete by following the steps on the "Getting Started" page, so an in home consultation is not needed. You will then receive all the information you need to execute the design of your space - including concept photos, floorplan, furniture selection and placement, accessories, sketches & elevations, a shopping list and material samples.

How it works

1. Draw the floorplan

2. Take measurements

3. Take photos

4. Find inspiration

5. Fill out questionnaire

You will immediately receive a quote and expect project design completion within 1-4 weeks upon receipt of payment.